Friday, April 11, 2008

Naked and Sacred

It's 4:56 in the morning. It was like being in a nightmare where you just can't seem to control what happens in the story--I woke up drenched in sweat, my tank top wringable to about a dipper's worth of perspiration, the bed nearly sodden from the sheets down to the mattress underneath. I realized that electricity went out for a bit--when I checked the battery status of my laptop, it was back to around I guess it's been about 2 hours or so that the power was out and the my battery's just recharging. My broadband connection also died out and was just resuming my μTorrent download queue (I'm finishing up on some acoustic covers CD, a huge collection of Stephen Covey audios and videos, and Stephanie Meyer's complete Twilight Saga on audiobooks). My Yahoo Messenger window has logged me off and logged me on again, and now I've got a lot of open windows for my offline messages which I did not even bother replying to as they've all signed off hours ago.

I searched almost frantically for my air cooler's remote control. I bought this months ago in an effort to save electricity. Supposedly, this air cooler would cut down my Meralco bill by a few hundreds because it quasi-replicates the effect of the airconditioning unit by cooling the air with its ice bucket and cold water receptacle feature. It even has a humidifier as well as an ionizer. It was perfect when we tested it in the appliance store, I almost bought two units. But when it was time to use it back in the condo, it was no different from my trusty old electric fans...except it had that ionizer thingee, and of course, a remote control for my lazy ass self. Talk about looking at the silver lining. found the remote control, turned it back on into full blast...but it wasn't doing anything for me. I was still a 40 year old virgin with hot flashes.

With sweat still flowing like water from a leaking faucet, I had no choice but to strain myself standing and walking to the airconditioner. Didn't bother with the timer--just switched it on again into Super Cool (wishing there was a Super Dooper Over Mega Blockbuster Ultra To the Maximum Cool option) and hit the sack back again. But I was still feeling like a 40 year old virgin with hot flashes.

So I am now in my birthday suit, in pitch black darkness (except for the occasional flashing headlights from cars downstairs and the faint city lights from a distance), and spread-eagled like the Vitruvian Man on crisp, pristine, and newly-laundered sheets. Can't get any better than this. Now my only fear is if there was a fire or if I died and rescuers had to see me buck naked and stiff (I dead body...not my boner, you dirty old rascal)...but that's another story. For now, I will just sleep like--literally--a baby...with not even diapers for drapery.

And since you're caught up with the title of this blog, you might as well listen to Maria Nyler's song. Click HERE to download the mp3 of Naked And Sacred (DJ Doboy Breakbeat Mix).

Now, if you'd excuse me, I still have about an hour before I'm supposed to be awake to get ready for work.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Temptation Island...Da Movie!!!!



Dina (Dina Bonnevie), Suzanne (Jennifer Cortez), Bambi (Bambi Arambulo) and Azenith (Azenith Briones) join the famed Miss Manila Sunshine contest, which brought them together on a yacht cruise as part of the pageants' semi-finals.

By some freak accident, the boat caught fire and the four ladies, together with Suzanne's maid Maria (Deborah Sun), the gay pageant organizer Joshua and three hunks manage to escape. They get marooned on a deserted island where several mishaps and misadventures follow their every move as they desperately try to survive Temptation Island.

Director: Joey Gosiengfiao

Here are the links:

This isn't a DVD copy. This was ripped from two VCDs and joined using HJSplit, so there will be a "repeating" scene of about 5-10seconds' worth...but trust me, VCD, Betamax, or VHS'll still say "aaayyylaaaaaavvvviiiiit!" ;-)

Spread the love and forward to as many kitschy, camp, jologs friends and family! *grin*

(Does anybody know when the stage play is doing a rerun?)